Acid rot can be found in a large number of fruits

There are many types of fruit rot that severely impair crop and profitability in the fruit industries.

The study funded by the ICA “Sour rot in grapes” deals with this disease in edible grapes. The disease is caused by the drosophila fly that lays its eggs in the grape cluster

How are these cracks caused? I will report on this in another study funded by ICA and conducted by Dr. Amnon Lichter from the Volcanic Institute

The female Drosophila fly lays its eggs inside the fruit. As mentioned the penetration of the fly is possible when the fruit is cracked. From the eggs develop into a larva that will later develop into flies and move to attack additional fruits

It turned out that for the development of these larva it is necessary in the invention of a microbiome that includes a variety of bacteria and yeast. The absence of these bacteria and yeasts will prevent the development of the larva.

The research hypothesis assumed that the development of the disease could be prevented if we avoided the microbiome inventions necessary for the development of the larvae

The researcher described to me the set of steps he performed, including identifying the composition of the microbiome and even identifying the substances that these yeasts and bacteria secrete. Disposal of the microbiome has shown that the development of larvae is not progressive. Returning the microbiome to the substrate allows the development of saturation.

This study concludes the first year out of two years of research

The second stage will be the search for natural enemies that can harm the bacteria necessary for the development of the larvae. A type of bacterium (Bacillus) exists today but its activity is not complete and requires the discovery of nutrients that can improve the action of the natural enemy. On this is based the research of year B

This research is being carried out at the Volcanic Institute by Dr. Michael Ben-Yosef, a young and new entomologist who has been admitted to the Volcanic Institute in recent years, and the ICA grant allows the researcher to equip the laboratory and carry out this research. According to the researcher a type of research in these working methods are unique in the world

The possibility of creating a barren male mutant that would be distributed in the vineyard and compete with the fertile males was also examined. A method similar to the conventional treatment of the Mediterranean fly. This method is not economical (probably) and at least at this stage is not promoted.

The possibility of a patent at this stage is unclear and it has been agreed that before the article is published it will be examined by the patent attorney at Volcanic


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