Agriculture educational project in GIlat


Last Wednesday I visited a very exciting project held in ARO-Gilat.

I met 20 Bedouin pupils (10th grade) from the Negev who study agriculture and make scientific experiments.

The project is in its second year and there are 40 pupils who come every week for one day in Gilat.

The pupils are taught by the ARO researchers and BGU Msc.  science students.

The BGU students get academic points and the ARO researchers are volunteers.

ICA is involved in this project by donating lab tools and equipment. The lab was renovated by France  resident donation.

For your information the percent of Bedouins in the HU Ag. Faculty is zero.

The aim of this project is to direct Arab –Bedouins from the Negev to choose academic studies in the HU .

This project is unique and I believe that is very positive potential.  



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