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Over the last years, we have our annual conference with schools from the periphery who present their prototypes of ed-tech ideas.  As you can understand, this year is not a normal year and students who came from the South and from the North (our areas) did not come from their own schools as they were evacuated to other places.  Therefore, this year it was a huge challenge for the schools and the students to prepare new prototypes of ed-tech.  We had several types of robots, air pumps, new irrigation systems etc.  The whole conference was held in the Ein Shemer Greenhouse and there were almost 150 pupils and teachers. The attached video (in Hebrew) is about students in Sha’ar Hanegev who described the terrible year they had and even then, they are happy to be with us in Ein Shemer Greenhouse and present their works.   I don’t know how long they will be out of their original schools and we wish them & us that the next year will be a normal educational year. 

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