Aramshe School Greenhouse

A small greenhouse was recently established at the primary school in Aramshe in the Western Galilee. This settlement, located on the border fence between Israel and Lebanon, is mostly populated by Bedouin Israeli citizens who come from a Bedouin tribe in Syria. About a century ago, a conflict arose between the head of this tribe and other tribes. The tribe was punished by being sent into exile from Syria and settled in mountainous territory, which today lies half in Israel and half in Lebanon. There is ongoing tribal communication, mostly by shouting from hill to hill, between the families on both sides of the border.

The Bedouin tribe has shown great loyalty to the State of Israel and a significant portion of its residents has served in the security forces.

The Aramshe School has 180 children and belongs to the Matte Asher Regional Council.

Mohamed, the school principal, who can be seen next to me near the new school greenhouses, has a very special personality. During my visit at his school he played classical music on the piano to his elementary pupils with special needs. They were sitting around him and listening to “the concert”. He then honored the learners and me with pita dipped in special spices that he grew at home.

From now on, these spices will be grown by the pupils in the new greenhouses…


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