Banana Varieties

The Banana business is one of the highest agricultural income industries in the Jordan Valley. In Israel the banana is characterized by one main variety, the Grand-Nine, which is noted for its quick and superfluous growth. Banana plantations are usually covered with a high shading net. It turns out that the banana clusters of this variety develop high up relative to the plant itself, requiring the use of ladders that greatly increases manpower cost.

An ICA study of a new Adi strain that began 6 years ago is currently coming to an end. It shows significantly lower cluster growth and lesser foliage surface than that of the leading variety. This also indicates a reduction in transpiration. The system of lysimeters sates in the Jordan Valley and a desalination machine, established by ICA, has proven that the Adi variety has lower cluster growth, saves 15% water consumption, reduces manpower, and even its yield, quality and taste do not fall short of the Grand-Nine variety. When the season ends, the experiment will be summarized and a scientific report will be sent to us.

The photo below compares the height of the two varieties: Adi, left & Grand-Nine, right.


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