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Shalom Members,

There are few times when an educator becomes very excited. One of these, when I almost shed a tear, was last Thursday during a zoom meeting between counselors and trainees from the House of Wheels – an organization for the rehabilitation and accompaniment of severely disabled young people where science-loving youth aged 17-18, studying at Ben-Gurion University, are trained. Last year, during a BGU visit, we were all impressed by the special activities of teenagers in the Department of Science-Seeking Youth.

The $10,000 ICA grant was intended for particularly talented youth, studying entrepreneurship and technology at the university, to dedicate their abilities to the development of technological devices for incapacitated children.

The purpose of the first unique meeting, which lasted two and a half hours, between the disabled youngsters and the BGU pupils was to create an opportunity for group acquaintance. The disabled youth, suffering from muscular dystrophy, dwarfism, autism, etc., were accompanied by their counselors, parents, and a professional guide who serves as a business consultant to develop technological products. Dr. Yaffa Ben Ami also participated in this encounter. (Zoom photo attached)

Technological development for the disabled is a very difficult challenge not only from a technological aspect, but also from an emotional side. It should be noted that the communication between the groups is very problematic and sometimes requires the mediation of a guide or parent or a communication computer.

After the meeting I talked to the excited BGU pupils who are so highly motivated to find solutions. I will follow the progress of this project in the coming weeks.

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