Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF), an insect that feeds on organic waste, is harmless and does not disturb the environment. Due to their high protein levels, BSF products are very diverse – from a feed oil for food processing to a source for antibiotic production.

For several years we have been involved in this fly research at Tel Hai, which has been recently completed. The researcher began to incorporate products of the Black Soldier Fly as food for fish, poultry, crabs and more.

When visiting the Jordan Valley industry during our tour, you will hear about this research and its industrial integration.

Recently, I tried to interest Central Arava R&D in the knowhow of growing this fly. In a zoom meeting, initiated by Central Arava R&D and the local BSF industry, many participants including researchers from abroad joined in. The first infrastructure was created for the establishment of an initial pilot facility at two farms in the Central Arava region.

I am sharing this topic with you because it is an excellent example of how, on the one hand, scientific research integrates into the animal feed industry and how, on the other hand, raising the fly may hopefully create employment and improve livelihood in the Arava.


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