“Bless your Hands” Project

Shalom Friends,

We held a meeting about a year and a half ago at Hatzeva in the Arava where you were introduced to Hagar Baram, who leads the “Women on Both Sides of the Border” program. Jordanian and Jewish women on both sides of the Arava border meet alternately in Jordan and Israel. The women are working together to set up a business venture based on embroidery and rugs. In Hebrew, the word embroidery has two meanings: one is a work of art using threads and fabrics, and the other is a connection between human identities. Herein is a wonderful example of a link between women, made with great humanity, by understanding that the local art industry can be used for this purpose. Without taking a gender position, women seem to have a special wisdom to do things more sensitively and wisely than men. For obvious reasons, the information attached to this email might sabotage the sensitive relationship that is being established, so I will thank you for not sharing it.

Best regards,



The “story” of this project was published on Rabin day in memory of the peace agreement signed between Jordan and Israel by King Hussein and Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin.


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