Bless Your Hands

Dear Friends,

Last year, during a visit at the Central Arava R&D, we met with Hagar Baram. She heads the Bless Your Hands Organization whose goal is the collaboration of women from Jordan and the Israeli Arava.

With the support of an ICA grant, the next step is the opening of a joint shopping internet website,

Below you can read what Hagar wrote.



Today we opened the joint website of Jordanian and Israeli Arava women.

A site that is a home and a place for cross-border creation, for traditional desert crafts that blend in with the challenges of the times, a geo-gender partnership for the Arava Land, the peripheral diamond in Israel and Jordan, the lowest place in the world.

Two years of collaborative work, planning, experimentation, improvements and workshops in Hebrew and Arabic have matured into a special kind of shop, a Jordanian Israeli women’s cooperative in the Middle East

With everything you have recently heard about Israeli-Jordan relations, we wanted to tell you that there is hope, that there is a listener who knows and loves both sides, who believe in working together, in joint work, in the ability to establish cross-border business with dedication and perseverance.

On the occasion of Eid El Peter and Shavuot share the world in our fruits, our creations, in the unique wool art.

Each art went through Jordanian hands and Israeli hands, all materials and ingredients are made from natural or recycled materials that have been given new life, the hands of central arava women and Safi Valley women.

Welcome you all to our new home!

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