Do you have an innovative project dealing in agriculture, economic development or education?

ICA in Israel can be your partner.
Entrepreneurs and researchers are invited to submit their proposals for financial aid in accordance to the foundation’s guidelines.

Goals of ICA’s Foundation:

Agriculture & Economic Development
To encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and boost diverse employment in the rural periphery of the Galilee, Negev and Arava.
To support projects with economic potential that bring change, diversity and increased local employment of educated youth.
To favor economic agricultural projects that divert unskilled labor to advanced occupations.

To focus on science, technology, vocational training, arts and languages. Innovative projects that generate a unique learning program and that serve as a model to others will be preferred.

The first step is to e-mail a one-page application in Hebrew or in English to ICA’s CEO, Zeev Miller:
Proposals that adhere to the criteria of ICA in Israel will be permitted submission in English on our website.

ICA’s website will open for proposals on 01.12.19
and will close on 31.01.20 at 12:00.

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