Cannabis Greenhouse in Yeruham

The establishment of the greenhouse in Yeruham is an expression of trust that the government and the owner of the greenhouse has for the head of the Yeruham Local Council in its abilities to promote the city.

As part of Negev periphery advancement, a cannabis research incubator has been set up. In the first phase the greenhouse will absorb companies engaged in research and development and in the second phase it will absorb companies dealing in cannabis production. And so, Yeruham will become the cannabis ecosystem of Israel.

Yesterday the greenhouse was officially inaugurated. Included are some pictures of the very aesthetic and beautiful greenhouse. ICA was represented by Avner Hermoni and me.

ICA was a partner in the establishment of the innovative laboratory and the purchase of the scientific equipment required for research and development.

The greenhouse has three owners: Perrigo, an American pharmaceutical company, located in Yeruham that employs about 600 pharmacists and scientists, most of whom have moved to the city itself; Our Crowd Venture Capital Fund; and BOL, a medical cannabis company. These three owners together with the government and other partners (including ICA) have invested 150M NIS in this incubator. The incubator will deal in pharma biotech medical equipment and advanced agriculture – all in the field of cannabis.

The working assumption is that the incubator will absorb applied research from the academia and private enterprises, helping them integrate into the cannabis industry.

Israel is one of the few countries in the world that legally uses cannabis to reduce pain.


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