Malkishua Drug Rehabilitation Center

Project Profile Educational Park of challenges Background: Malkishua is a Drug Rehabilitation Center , providing treatment and education. In the course of a long and difficult process, rehabilitation of young and adult drug abusers succeeds. Many of them are new immigrants who have suffered greatly and experienced delinquent life in…

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Maaleh Shaharut Regional High School

Project Profile Developing Self-guiding Materials for Hikers on the Israel National Trail Background: The Israel National Trail (INT) is a 950 km hiking path crossing the entire length of the country – from the Hula Valley in the north to the Gulf of Eilat in the south. The trail passes…

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Maaleh Shaharut Regional School

מחקר חינוכי סביבתי ארוך טווח

Project Profile Student long-term environmental research (SLTER) Background: Long Term Environmental and Ecological Action research has proved to be a valuable pedagogic tool with major impacts on learning and teaching. Action Research has been found to be the most effective method to promote environmental awareness, scientific skills, ecological literacy, and…

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