Technology and Language Courses 2019-2020 in collaboration with ICA in Israel

Our Mission Desert Stars unites mission-driven teenage Bedouin girls and boys from every tribe, educates and trains them together.  Through a sequence of groundbreaking educational programs, Desert Stars empowers them to realize their individual and collective potential as change-making leaders, being able to take their rightful place in Israeli society…

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Yeruham Science Center – Building Airplane

Shalom Board members, Several months ago a group of 10th grade pupils from Ramat Hanegev and Yeruham started to build an airplane. They had to learn how to read plans written in English and practiced by first building a model. Following this training, plane construction was begun. In the photos part…

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The Ein Shemer Greenhouse

Hello Board Members, The Ein Shemer Greenhouse encourages the 12th grade pupils to research and write their 5-point annual final matriculation paper. Yesterday, 18 pupils presented their papers by the TED method, 6 minutes per presentation. Parents, teachers, farmers, and local residents came to listen and learn. How proud they…

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Building Telescopes

Hi Friends, Misgav junior high school pupils are building telescopes in a lab that was supported by ICA. Yesterday, I met with 8th grade pupils who gave me a professional lecture of how this is done. It was interesting to see how serious they were in their explanations. Every year 8-10…

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Atzmon Elementary School

Dear Friends, The Atzmon School is located in small town Nof HaGalil, previously called Nazareth Elite. It serves high-risk pupils, many born to Arab-Jewish families from low socio-economic status. Three years ago I was shocked by the violent behavior of the pupils and the endless shouting. Then, the school was…

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Ein Shemer Greenhouse – Avocado & Fungi

Dear Members, The Ein Shemer Greenhouse never ceases to surprise us! Below there is an article published in a popular daily newspaper about a group of pupils who developed a method of growing avocado trees in saline water. A unique fungi has a mycorrhiza relationship with avocado roots, enabling it…

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Moona is invited to the Israeli President

I hope you all recall our visit at Moona, a tech center for pupils and students who work and innovate together, in the Arabic village of.   Magdal a Kurum The MOONA team was invited to meet with President Rivlin because of its noteworthy benefit to the Jewish-Arab youth liaison in northern Israel. Once again, wonderful proof that we can do it and all things are possible! photo of this encounter can be seen below   

Western Galilee Regional High School

מרכז חקר לפיזיקה

Project Profile Center for research projects in Physics Background: The way to develop curiosity, critical thinking and scientific literacy, is through research challenges that go beyond the conventional curricula. It demands reading of scientific texts, sorting and evaluating data, running experiments and producing research papers according to common scientific standards….

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