Climate change and its impact on Mango

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We are all witnessing climate changes that cause exceptional cold and heat peaks. Many can attest to the effect of fruit shortages on prices in supermarkets. The mango, which is mostly grown around

the Sea of ​​Galilee and in the Arava, suffers badly from these changes. A lecture on this is planned for you during our October tour. However, I have chosen to send some pictures of radiation damage

that are currently affecting mango growth in the Jordan Valley. These pictures were taken during a tour with a researcher who has been trying to reduce radiation damage and extreme heat damage

by using special shading nets developed at Kibbutz Ginegar, as well as to lower the temperature by evaporation cooling with special sprinklers developed by Netafim. Even at a glance, you can identify the

 the yellow-spotted infected fruit, as opposed to the all-green treated fruit. The experiment was conducted repeatedly with different shading and continuous monitoring of fruit quality.

 Fruit quantity and quality can only be measured during the September harvest.

To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, no one in the world today grows mangoes under a shading net. Hence this experiment is definitely a breakthrough.

By the way, growing bananas in Israel under shading nets is also unique worldwide. They are grown under a net in the Canary Islands and in Morocco and inside greenhouses in Turkey, however

the reason being wind damage protection.


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