Corona-related ICA projects

Dear Friends,

We are 4 weeks into the Corona attack.

High school pupils have enlisted to assist in national efforts. They are making facial masks, professional equipment for ventilator machines  and equipment needed by doctors during tabulation of the ventilator process. They are even growing medical plants in the greenhouse whose chemicals are then being analyzed by ARO scientific members for their effect on the immune system. ICA can be very proud of these pupils who come from the Northern Galilee, Lower Galilee, Valley of Springs, Negev and Central Arava and volunteer to support the national mission.

All maker space, granted by ICA during last 3-4 years, enabled this to happen. And, of course, without the accompaniment of teachers nothing would have been achieved.

ICA is also involved in the operation of kindergartens for children of the medical staff, allowing them to work.

Next week we will begin the allotment of small loans to small businesses.

Now I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your participation and proposal approvals so that ICA can make a difference in this ongoing viral battle.

Our support during the past weeks has been very modest, but it has caused other donors to follow suit. ICA was the leader!

Stay safe and be well,


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