Derech Eretz in Israel – Opening our 10th Year of Activity

Dear Ze’ev,

I am humbled and thankful to be able to write to you, to let you know that on September 1st, Derech Eretz will be opening its 10th year of activity with 180 youth arriving on our 4 campuses; And, we have over 1,000 alumni!

We are facing a year that will be full of challenges – whether it’s adapting to the constantly changing Ministry of Health regulations, or trying to provide more needs-based scholarships than ever before, as requests keep coming in. But we also see this year as an opportunity, and are determined to come out stronger!

Now, more than ever, we are proud that you are a part of our Derech Eretz family. Thank You for your friendship and partnership.

Attached please find our full update. (You are mentioned in the end.) Please feel free to share it with your ICA community.

With heartfelt appreciation, and best wishes for a great year ahead,

Yonatan, on behalf of the Derech Eretz team

Derech Eretz Update for Partners - August 2020

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