Hi friends,

Attached is a short description of the social involvement at Desert Stars High School. I am sure that you will like to read it.  A few words about Desert Stars :-

This high school was established 8 years ago at the Nitzana Youth Village by Matan Yofe.  This wonderful guy understood that we have to work together with the Bedouin population, especially in the Negev, and develop the leadership of the next generation.  6 years ago, the school was established again in Joe Allon area.  Until today, the school is located in a permanent building.  The modern school, including a boarding school, has started construction last year.  Because of the war, the construction work stopped and I don’t know when this building will be complete.  ICA donated a lot of grants over the years to support the students learning Hebrew, English and Math.  We also donated a huge grant for the new library in the name of ICA.  Unfortunately, I will not be the person who will inaugurate this youth village.

This is the time to say that this report is my last report as ICA Manager.  Over the years, I continued to update you on the status of projects that ICA is involved in.  It was not just “dry reports” as I tried to add information that can explain how our grants made impacted our area.  For eg. The Desert Stars project has a huge impact on the Bedouin communities in the Negev and became one of the popular schools and families convinced their children to join the school.  It was amazing to see that the school Principal is a Bedouin woman who got this position after competing with six other male candidates. 

I am leaving my position on Sunday 30th June, 2024, and I am sure that Avinoam, my successor, will take ICA to other heights & challenges together with you all.  It was my great time to lead ICA in Israel and I want to thank all of you for your support.  I will meet you in September as William told me that he is preparing a farewell ceremony for me. 

It is impossible to end any letter without a prayer for our beloved country which is now in a bad situation.  I am sure that we will overcome and I hope it will be as soon as possible.  The first step must be bringing back the hostages and stop the war.

Best regards to you all,


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