Desert Stars

Today, a cornerstone laying ceremony was held for the Bedouin Youth Village “Desert Stars”. In about two years, about 700 middle school and high school students will study in the youth village. The youth village believes in leadership and educates its students in the direction of leadership in the Negev and in Israel as a whole.

At the ceremony, we were honored by the Minister of Welfare, Mr. Meir Cohen, and the Chairman of the Arab Party, Dr. Mansour Abbas. Hundreds of Negev Jews and Arabs who believe in coexistence and see the importance of living together also participated.

YCA is a partner in this project. In recent years, YCA has invested close to $ 400,000 to strengthen its studies in Hebrew and English and, of course, to establish a laboratory structure that will bear the name of YCA when the youth village is established.

In these days of security tensions in Israel and serious crime within Arab society, this conference was a strong light in the dark.

Who will give and the light will illuminate the whole of Israel.

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