Dror Galil: High School for the Future

I recently visited several places of interest and I would like to share The High School for the Future with you.

This school, located in the advanced industrial park of Tefen, provides a suitable option for less capable populations in the rural and urban Galilee periphery. It is located in the Misgav region and currently has about 100 pupils, focusing on a number of specializations that include: media, digital workspaces, wood and metal.

Its learners are in contact with researchers and active entrepreneurs who work in the park and are engaged in their project. The students serve as interns and learn from the researchers and entrepreneurs the secrets of entrepreneurship. This quality meeting between an experienced adult entrepreneur and a pupil creates an excellent and enriched meeting, which greatly benefits both sides. The school teacher is not only a tutor and coach in the project itself, but also serves as a responsible adult. Traditional classrooms have disappeared and in their place are very attractive work spaces.

Our ICA grant financed part of the school’s equipment.

I am glad to add some photos of this wonderful school.

A second place of interest I recently visited was the

ORT Braude College – Youth Division:

As part of the youth department, more than 10,000 high school teenagers receive academic advancement in the scientific and technological professions. It also serves groups of Jewish and minority pupils. I attended a meeting between Druze students from the village of Beit Jen and Jewish students from the Ben Shemen youth village. The discussions and practical work were at a high scientific level and the participants were given the opportunity to collaborate with college teachers in the college labs. The excellent sense of the learners testified that exposure to learning in academic institutions definitely creates enthusiasm and a desire for continuity.

In the past, ICA granted a space lab to the Science Youth Division. This year a new, highly recommended project has been submitted.

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