Hi friends,

Two years ago I visited Kibbutz Karmia and met the girls at risk at their dormitory . The 45 girls suffered from sexual abuse , culpable neglect homes etc. Most of them dropped from schools and were found in the streets.

The boarding school is doing a wonderful role in healthy treatment and also teaching the girls professional jobs.

During my conversation with the girls, we came to the idea to open a feminist radio where the girls will be able to speak with friends ( girls) all over the world.

After building the studio, the girls were afraid to open the microphone and have open discussions with others, so they preferred to begin by producing pod casts.

Today,  they produced 46 podcasts and one of them is attached to this e mail.

I am sure that in the near future they will gather courage and strength to “open the microphone” and have open and direct conversation with listeners.



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