FoodTech Development at Tel-Hai

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Last week a conference, entitled The Upper Galilee as the Israel’s Food Tech Industry, was held at Tel-Hai. To those younger Board members, I must point out that ICA recognized the need to establish a laboratory infrastructure for food tech research years ago. Instruments and scientific equipment worth millions of shekels have been purchased with ICA backing. Today, the scientific infrastructure and human capital of Tel Hai and Migal researchers enable the government to maintain the Kiryat Shmone – Tel Hai area as the national region for Israel’s FoodTech industry.

Recently, a special scientific incubator was established by some of the largest Israeli industries, which together with the Innovation Authority support the advancement and development of companies in the FoodTech field. This year, ICA joined the Innovation Center for encouraging such startups. At present, this Center has three leading companies with innovative knowledge that have the potential to integrate into the FoodTech industry. More information regarding this Center will be sent in the coming weeks.

Following is some information on Israel’s FoodTech industry:

  • over 350 companies operate with more than 70% having an actual product
  • average salary per worker is about $4000, with over 2,000 employees
  • ten development research centers are currently in operation
  • emphasis on alternative protein development, cultured meat, health product development, and the IOT industry

The scientific center for innovation in the food field was inaugurated at Tel-Hai and, as previously mentioned, most of the equipment has been donated by ICA.

It is my hope that during your visit in October we will visit Kiryat Shmone and Tel-Hai and dedicate time to an extended conversation about its development.

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