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Recreation and recuperation for the handicapped and their families



יחידות לארוח נכים ומשפחותיהם

In Israel there are approximately 500,000 handicapped persons. These

include persons who are wheelchair bound, blind and partially blind, deaf, and cognitively afflicted. As of today, most places in Israel are not suitable for such handicapped persons.

Lilach and Omri Gottfeld, residents of Moshav Hazeva, are in the recuperation and recreation business since 2001. Being aware of the difficulties that handicapped persons face, they decided to develop a suitable facility for the handicapped and their families – “Havat Sheizaf”.


Havat Sheizaf’s main objectives are that Moshav Hazeva and the Arava region will be  recognized as a unique region fit for the handicapped populace. The facility will be the first of its kind and will provide a unique experience for the handicapped, as follows

  • To provide visitors with a sense of security and tranquility, and to offer them new personal and group experiences..
  • To fortify the handicapped in dealing with everyday difficulties and limitations.
  • To adjust the facility to handicapped persons, according to the directives and standards of The Ministry of Tourism for sites fit for the handicapped.
  • To host up to 30 handicapped persons, individuals and organized groups. The activities to be planned and coordinated ahead, will be supervised by a team of professionals: psychologists, guides in art, agriculture, field trips, and holistic fields.
  • The project is of importance to handicapped people, and will greatly enhance the development of the Arava region: new jobs will be created for professionals. During week days use will be made of available catering services and tourist attractions.
  • Existing facilities of the Moshav will be fitted to accommodate handicapped people (swimming pool, playgrounds, supermarket), and possibly other bed and breakfast facilities.

Omri & Lilach Gottfeld

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