ICA Grant Stimulation

Shalom Friends,

 Each year the Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Ministry supports agricultural projects.

I browsed through the 2018-2019 grant lists which were published on the ARO website.

There were 17 research initiatives that ICA supported. When the POC was gotten, researchers were then able to raise an additional $10M from the Chief Scientist.

No doubt those research projects also received grants from other foundations.

I have the complete research name list. Because translation takes time, the list will be included in the Oct. BB.

My conclusions are as follows:

  1. ICA grants help researchers to get a POC, which then enables an application to be submitted to other foundations. Most foundations ask for the POC before considering grants.
  2. ICA knows how to choose promising research at the start. This can be highly risky, but right now we are quite satisfied with our success.

Best regards,

Ze’ev Miller

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