ICA prize award to Misgav in Robotics

In October 2018 the Misgav Regional Council was awarded a prize for a Jewish-Arab robotic project run at two high schools.
Enclosed is an article in Hebrew (translated below) and photos taken during ICA’s award-winning ceremony held at Kinneret College.

Article translation:
The Misgav Regional Council, headed by Ron Shani, received an award from ICA at a grand ceremony. The prize-winning program is for a Jewish-Arab multicultural robotic program, jointly executed by Misgav Asif and Ort Salome high school pupils. Misgav was awarded the prize together with three other outstanding educational projects, selected from dozens of projects that received ICA support and funding in recent years.

The robotic program aims to inspire and motivate students to engage in engineering, science and technology studies, and to provide them with teamwork values – openness to others, fair competition and dedication to the task. The program, in operation for three years, has established a group of students from the two schools who have jointly designed and built a different robot each year, at the end of which they compete against other groups within the framework of the FIRST international program. For the past three consecutive years, Misgav’s team has won first place in the country and, consequently, has represented Israel in international competitions both in the U.S. and Europe.

The JCA Charitable Foundation was founded by Baron Hirsch in 1891 and has been operating in Israel since 1900. In recent years, JCA has been focusing its activities in the peripheral development of the Galilee and the Negev and on the support of innovative projects in education, agriculture and tourism. The fund is headed by Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen in London, England and is managed by Zeev Miller in Israel.

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