Innovation in agriculture

About one hundred students and twenty teachers participated in the Agricultural innovation seminar in Ein Shemer
on January 18 th (some schools were absent due to various reasons).

The students presented diverse ideas such as robotic systems for planting vegetables, systems for advanced
hydroponics, a system for detecting diseases from a drone and more.
The students were divided into discussion groups and each group presented its project in front of the participants
and later the students got feedback for their work and presentation from colleagues from other schools.

The process was very fruitful and interesting.

At the end of the presentations and after a light meal, the students had the honor of listening to an inspiring lecture
about their future which managed to arouse great interest.

To finish the day, the students received a spirulina shake on a pancake and a small gift from Ein Shemer.
The project exhibition is scheduled to take place on May 17th 2023.
Those of you interested in participate and have a special experience are more than welcomed.
Today I was accompanied by Dr.Yaffe Ben Ami and I am convinced that she completely agrees with
me regarding the high level of education demonstrated by the students.

Reported: Ze’ev

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