Israeli Board Southern Tour 12/21

Hello to our dear friends in Europe and the USA,

I wish to note that, while you were celebrating the end of 2021, your Israeli counterparts chose to tour ICA projects in the south.

Last Wednesday, we went to the INNEGEV Technology Incubator in the northern Negev. The Incubator, in which ICA is a partner, considers it of paramount importance to strengthen the Negev and increase employment, especially regarding the connection among the many Negev communities. Emphasis is placed on employment of economic value and of Bedouin – Jewish integration.

Afterwards, we visited the Mevoot Hanegev High School, belonging to the Bnei Shimon Regional Council in the northwestern Negev. We can be quite impressed by its school principal, a prominent educational leader, who knows how to lead his pupils to wonderful and precise educational and valuable achievements. We were also thrilled to see the incubator, built with the support of ICA. It is obvious that the school management knows how to use the incubator to increase educational, agricultural research.

To sum up this meeting, the head of the Council, Nir Zamir, presented the role of the regional council in strengthening ties with the neighboring Bedouin villages. The Council considers itself responsible for cultural, employment, and economic advancement in its region and is actively collaborating with other factions to achieve these goals.

It is always pleasant to visit the Gilat research station and the building bearing ICA’s name. We were scheduled to meet two researchers. One researcher presented a study, currently funded by ICA, that deals with finding a solution for determining the amount of soil phosphorus, which usually takes two to three weeks. The proposed patent will shorten the time, thus speeding up the process.

The second lecture, cancelled due to Covid, dealt with identifying the causes of potato rot.

Our final stop was the new Negev rehabilitation hospital to which ICA has approved a grant of $50,000 for providing agricultural studies. It is impossible to describe our excitement of the impressive leadership of Maj. Gen. (Res.) Doron Almog who dreamt and implemented the establishment of the rehabilitation village. The site includes a hospital, research departments, a special education school, residences, agricultural farm staff, workshops, a hydrotherapy pool, etc. This unique model of a rehabilitative village does not exist anywhere else and can serve as a role model worldwide.

Special thanks to my Israeli friends who chose to participate in the tour on a rainy day.

Hope you enjoy the attached photos, which will no doubt increase your desire for our ICA annual tour…


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