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The “ Galilee Dance Village ”: Promoting education for dance and tourism in Northern Israel


להקת המחול הקיבוצית

KCDC’s management is interested in implementing a novel idea, i.e. to

 establish the “ Galilee Dance Village”. The village is located at Kibbutz Gaaton, the home base and studio of the company.


The village will serve as the home base for the KCDC, including a dance academy, a regional dance school, a variety of dance activities, and an international hospitality village. The main objectives are:

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To create a center for the international dance community.
  • To promote and teach movement and dance in Israel with an emphasis on fostering excellence, not only at the village but also through teaching dance in the Northern communities.
  • To encourage unique artistic creations
  • Increase in the efficiency of water saving and recycling.
  • To bring together Jewish youth worldwide and form a bond between various ethnic groups in Galilee through movement and dance.
  • To further tourism activities in Western Galilee , such as organizing events, meetings, conferences on a broad spectrum of dance and culture related topics.
  • To attract a great many lovers of culture from Israel and abroad to the Galilee area and be instrumental in transforming Western Galilee into the Northern Israel cultural haven of dance, music, teacher and plastic arts.

Nowadays KCDC does not have an adequate hall at Gaaton to perform in front of an audience. Therefore, in order to attain complete success for the project, it is of utmost importance that a main performance hall be part of the new Village.

For this purpose it is proposed to renovate the “Zichri Studio” where it will be possible to host, among others, Dancing Conventions, Guest Dance companies, etc.

Sara Ram Schlein

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