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Educational Park of challenges


Malkishua is a Drug Rehabilitation Center , providing treatment and education. In the course of a long and difficult process, rehabilitation of young and adult drug abusers succeeds. Many of them are new immigrants who have suffered greatly and experienced delinquent life in the street, who upon leaving the center, are able to turn over a new leaf and become productive citizens of this country.

JCA’s long-standing assistance has permitted cooperation with additional communities, such as sharing activities with Eshel Hanasi in the south, video conference lessons with Har V’Gai School in the north, a follow-up program for the graduates at the Ein Shemer greenhouse, etc. It is now proposed to set up a Park of Challenges based on existing installations.


  • To use the Park of Challenges for workshops and for youth groups, following the “Outdoor Training and Wilderness Therapy” method, with the purpose of explanation and strengthening of personal ability in coping with life in a society and culture where drug abuse is increasingly more prevalent.
  • Trained instructors will guide the attractive and challenging activities and work on the individual and group level to empower coping behaviors such as inner strengths, confronting problems, overcoming helplessness and difficulties in asking for help, building trust, in-depth self-examination, awareness of the Other and of the Group.
  • To complement the explanatory and preventive activity, some of the activities will be accompanied by a meeting of each group with a Malkishua resident, who is in the process of rehabilitation.
  • The Park situated in the peak of Mount Gilboa, in a wood in the heart of the enchanting landscape, will also serve for activities shared with schools that are in social and active contact with Malkishua.
  • To convey a preventive message to groups of young people from all over the country, with the participation of some 100 youngsters per week.

Dr. Eti Gonen

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