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In recent years the development of science, technology and art has been felt as has the growing importance to acquire and master foreign languages.

So far the school has been teaching the following languages on a high level for matriculation tests: Hebrew, English, Arabic and Spanish.
English and Hebrew are compulsory for all the pupils. Arabic and Spanish are optional. At present 20 pupils study these languages for their matriculation exams.


It is proposed to open a new department at the school for teaching Chinese and Far Eastern languages, bearing in mind that it is no longer possible to ignore the huge economic potential in China.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To expose the students to this rising economic potential in China by guiding them and giving them an opportunity to take advantage of this phenomenon through learning the language.
  • To reach higher achievements in Hebrew studies among the pupils and especially for those who are dyslectic.
  • To reach higher language skills and academic achievements in teaching and learning Arabic and Spanish.
  • To reach higher achievements in teaching and learning English communication.
  • To offer to parents and to the community at large, the possibility to attend the language lab – after school hours – and study foreign languages.

Michael Levi

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