Migal Accelerator – Water Purification Project

Shalom Members,

An ICA project at the Migal Accelerator that began 4 years ago examined a special water cleansing technique.

Prof. Giora Ritbo uses nanocomposites (see photo below) for the clarification of potable water and the purification of waste water.

This technology has been found suitable for commercialization and authorization for its usage has been given to a large commercial water purification company that now pays royalties

to Migal. In accordance with ICA’s agreement with the Migal Accelerator regarding royalties from commercial projects, ICA is also entitled to receive our share of payment.

All ICA royalties are to be reinvested in the Migal Accelerator as per our Council’s decision.

And so we have another example of ICA policy implementation in advancing commercial projects.



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