Migal – Avocado Breakthrough

Shalom Friends,

Attached is a newspaper article about the achievement of Migal’s new company.

Until recently the worldwide attempt by researchers to grow avocado plants from tissue culture has failed.

Several years ago an ICA grant was given to the Migal accelerator and Dr. Lior Rabinowitz succeeded in achieving this goal.

The Migal patent was subsequently registered and last week the license was delivered to two kibbutzim – one in the Golan Heights and the second in the Jordan Valley. Both kibbutzim are expected to produce high quality avocado plants that will ready for planting within a year. At present, farmers wait 4-5 years to get avocado plants. This new company will add 15 new jobs.

And hopefully, ICA will receive royalties in the coming years.

Good results for us!



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