Migratory Birds in the Valley of Springs

Dear Members,

Last Wednesday I visited the Valley of Springs region, with temperatures reaching 41 degrees Celsius.

Israel lies between Europe and Africa, so all kinds of the migratory birds feed on the fish ponds in this wonderful area full of delicious food. The damage is huge and there is no really good solution. Methods tried include laser rays, robots, net, noise …nothing helped.

The problem is made even more difficult because each bird has developed its own way to fight the farmers’ defense system.

The wind dreidel is activated when a bird is detected by a camera that is focused on the pond.

In the attached photo the noisy wind-sprinkler can be seen. I did film a video, but it is too heavy to be sent.

Several sensors can also be added for monitoring pond water data during the growing period.

We can now offer farmers a full box of solutions and data.

The startup, whose developers are two entrepreneurs from Kibbutz Neot Smadar in the Southern Arava, will be a new company in the Rahat InNegev greenhouse.


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