Mitzpe Ramon Biology pupils

Dear friends,

Hashalom high school in the southern Negev is a small school with diverse pupils, there are seculars, religious Haredim and non-Jewish and there is a big diversity in the skill abilities.

In this school works a wonderful teacher, her name is Shiri and she is so committed to the pupils and the biology curriculum. When I visit the school I always spare time to be with Shiri and have some of her pedagogical spirit .  

Shiri is a  microbiology PHD, five years ago when I met her for the first time, she complained about the standard biology curriculum and the subjects that the ministry of education offer the school. We spoke an hour. We decided to change in the curriculum by our self’s . For that Shiri had to persuade the principal and inspector. Shiri is a really a special teacher. It was not surprising, for me, that Shiri was elected as the best teacher in Israel !!!  

Today the class mission is to “build” viruses from RNA pieces…to participate in an international UN project about the Wolbachia (a bacteria that contaminates and poisons small insects). This UN project is a really great project and the pupils are looking to find a tool against mosquitoes.

The class is equipped with pcr , microscope lab equipment that usually can be found in universities.  Shiri became a teacher instructor and teachers from all the country come to learn from Shiri.

Yesterday the class (11k) decided to join the 2024  “I-Gem competition”. For that they must be able to compete with high standards of demands .

They must improve their English , learn how to read scientific articles etc. I am sure that Shiri will do all that is needed.

It was great time to be with the class and have a chance to share a wonderful pedagogical especially when you think about what is going on in Israel these days….

BTW …there is a very small piece of information that I forgot to share with you…Shiri graduated the best high school in Israel Eshel Hanassi (for our board friends who are not familiar with the fact that I was the School head master..).

Attached are photos from this beautiful day.



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