Nano-Satellite: Duchifat 3

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Attached is a short presentation with 2 photos from our friends of Duchifat 3. This small satellite, built by Sha’ar Hanegev pupils, was launched from India exactly one year ago.

The photos were recorded in the school’s ground control room.

The next satellite Tevel, meaning globe in Hebrew, will be launched from the United States next month. Tevel is a joint venture of high school pupils at Sha’ar Hanegev and Herzliah.

The Tevel communication satellite has a radio link with eight additional Tevel satellites, established by six high school pupils. These will all launched simultaneously.

ICA should pride itself in being a pioneer of space studies in Israel. Now there are more schools joining the amazing space curriculum.

Even though ICA did not fund the Tevel project itself, we did contribute the inspirational fuel for its inception…



תמונות מדוכיפת 3

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