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“Near and Far”


The Malkishua youth programme rehabilitates and educates teenagers that are former drug abusers. The community consists of approximately 50 youths, all of whom have backgrounds of crime and drug use.

The programme operates at a school that struggles against the low level of education encountered when the teenagers arrive at Malkishua. The school’s goal is to close the educational gap these children have, and to bring them to certification or matriculation levels.  The programme includes educational and social enrichment activities and a variety of extra-curricular classes.


The Near and Far project is designed to bring together students from Malkishua and students from the “Har V’Gai” Regional High School in Upper Galilee.

The  classes and fields of study available at Malkishua are limited. By using special distance-learning technology, the students will be able to participate in classes which they otherwise would not have access to, such as physics, chemistry and architecture. In addition, the video-conferencing equipment will be employed for social activities such as a joint seminar on leadership. Other activities will take place together at Malkishua, at Har V’Gai, and at other locations in an attempt to bring the two student populations closer together.

The project is jointly planned and fully endorsed by the Har V’Gai School.

Dr. Eti Gonen

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