Nof Edom Elementary School: Pupils at Archeological Dig

Nof Edom Elementary School, located in the Southern Arava near Kibbutz Yotvata, has 630 pupils from grades 1-6. Its uniqueness lies in the diverse study programs.

Every village in the Eilot region uses electricity from its own sources (clean solar energy). The school, not connected to the national electricity grid, produces all of its energy from roof solar panels.

When the school opened, the school principal expressed great concern over foundations of an ancient, archaeological building that were discovered at the playground.

The Regional Council and the school decided to use the place for joint excavation by the researchers of the Antiquities Authority and the children.

I visited the place and was amazed at the joint and serious work there. The Antiquities Authority and the school director decided that the 1,700 year-old historical building will be used as a unique classroom where the children will study. It was also decided to expand the excavation for the purpose of creating another classroom.

Now, a first in the world, you will be able to witness Southern Arava pupils studying in a 1,700-year-old archaeological facility that was discovered and subsequently excavated. Enclosed are photos of this amazing initiative!

But how is ICA related to this?? Well, the funding for excavation completion and classroom conversion is being implemented with the support of an ICA grant.


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