Odyssey – an educational program at Ben Gurion University

The Odyssey program is intended for pupils in the Negev who are interested in enrichment studies .

This year, about 30 teens in the Odyssey program focused on training them as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship program developers

To find inspiration for entrepreneurship questions, the youth met with tenants (children, teens and adults) at the Wheelhouse. The Wheelhouse is a rehabilitative social club designed for the disabled with severe disabilities resulting from illness and accidents

Due to the corona, the meetings took place in Zoom and included trainees from the wheelhouse, counselors, social workers, parents. Odyssey students learned about the disabilities and inaccessibility that disabled people are exposed to in everyday life

Odyssey students have been very involved in studying the difficulties and thinking together about the solutions that exist today (or there is no solution) and have tried to understand, in regular feedback processes, whether the solutions that Odyssey students offer are really applicable solutions

I participated today as one of the judges in the competition. Admittedly, the ideas were very interesting and creative. It was difficult to rank the winning team

Here are some suggestions:

Disabled children love music. Today they are mostly able to listen to music but due to motor reasons they have difficulty operating musical instruments

Young disabled people visiting the parks do not see the possibility of swinging in an adapted swing. The group offers an interesting idea

Disabled people have difficulty integrating into work and finding a livelihood. One group offered them employment solutions that turn the constraint into an advantage

Taking medication is a severe limitation. One group chose to deal with forgetting medication and taking medication properly

It was a hopeful encounter. Talented students who are willing to devote time, energy and effort in finding solutions for disabled youth

Ben Gurion University grants two academic points to graduates of the program in the management track

Here’s another example of how $ 10,000 educational grant (ICA grant) creates a charming and important opportunity for 30 students to engage in entrepreneurship and society questions

I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment.



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