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Building a new Mobile Lab for teaching English


Ofanim is a non-profit organization which works to minimize the gaps in

בניית מעבדה ניידת להוראת אנגלית

education through enrichment, exposure and experiential activities for the children residing in small, weak and peripheral communities.

The project offers a 4 year program and is designed for children of 3rd to 6th grades. Today, Ofanim operates through six mobile laboratories, focusing on creative thinking, computers, science and art.  These labs provide about 50 weekly activities in 30 communities throughout the Negev and in the North.  Currently, Ofanim reaches approximately 550 children each week.  In addition, activities are also provided for parents in some of these communities.

Currently,   Ofanim works with the following regional councils:

In the Negev :

Merchavim, Sdot Negev, Sha’ar Hanegev, Yeruham. After-school child care facility is available in:  Be’er Sheba and Ofakim, South Mountain – Hevron, Rahat.

In the North:

Valley of Springs Regional Council (near the Jor dania n border), Gilboa Regional Council and Emeq Israel Council.

A Breakthrough Idea!  How Does It Work?

Buses are retrofitted into mobile classrooms to educate children on the subjects that are most needed in the outlying areas.


There is a great demand and a clear necessity to improve the children’s mastery of the English language among the children living in Israel ’s peripheral localities.  Ofanim is making efforts to join forces with a few donors in order to build the new English mobile lab.

The main objectives are to:

  • Empower the children through exposure and enrichment activities.
  • Expose the children to the world of education and academia, and strengthen their motivation to study and succeed.
  • Strengthen the children’s self esteem.
  • Mobilize Israeli organizations and capable-individuals to engage and be active in bridging the educational gaps in the peripheral underprivileged communities.

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