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Gateway to the Negev (a 3-year project)


The OR Movement is looking to partner with JCA based on the realization that JCA, in addition to being a funding source, has been extremely involved in the rural periphery of Israel for many years and has lots of experience in that area. Such cooperation could lead to a meaningful change and will be able to leverage the entire Negev and Arava regions in many aspects.

In a short number of years OR has become a primary organization dedicated to the task of “Populating the Negev and Galilee regions”. One of its biggest projects, is “Gateway to the Negev” the main Visitors’ and Information Center in and about the Negev.

“Gateway to the Negev” will be located in the Old City at the center of Be’er Sheva, thus placing it directly in the center of the Negev’s capital where its presence can be felt and utilized in the heart of a developing area. The location was chosen based on its centrality; proximity to institutions; connection to the cultural renaissance taking place in the Old City; national and historical importance and accessibility.


The Center will serve as an information center, advancing general exposure by marketing of the Negev cities and communities, advantages and possibilities in all aspects of life. Its main objectives will be:

  • Terminal to all Negev destinations.
  • Assemble all activities taking place in the rural periphery of the Negev in all aspects: agriculture, tourism, employment etc.
  • Negev exposure to diverse target audiences in order to advance tourism, image changing, & development (increasing the Negev population). Visitors will include:
    • Negev residents: future and current, from Be’er Sheva and its surroundings.
    • Soldiers: the center will become the main IDF publicity and information center for groups of soldiers visiting the Negev as part of their informal education sessions and more specifically in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, will serve the families of enlisted soldiers who together with the Army bases they work in will relocate to the Negev.
    • Students, Youth movements, Young adult programs, Taglit/Massa, Pre-army preparatory programs: student groups from Israel and abroad will visit the center to learn about the Negev.
    • Donors/decisions makers: the Gateway to the Negev will be the hub for all major campaigns designated to change the image of the Negev. It will also serve as a major source of information for government officials and representatives during decision making process regarding the Negev.


Israeli tourists/ foreign tourists:   no longer a rest stop along the way to Eilat, Gateway to the Negev will give tourists a reason to come into Be’er Sheva and learn about those vast tourism opportunities available throughout the Negev

Roni Flamer

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