Our Hanadi

Dear friends and partners.

We are very happy to share with you an interview that was published in the IEC (Israel Electric Corporation) magazine for the international day of diversity and gave us great pleasure. The interviewee is Hanadi Abu adiya, who was the only woman in a class of male students (half from the Bedouin society and half Jewish from Ethiopian origin) who participated in the course for practical engineers we ran in 2021/2022 in partnership with the IEC, Atidim (nonprofit), the Technology college and Ryan centers.

Hanadi graduated with distinction and even managed to assist other students in the class. She is currently, as can be read in the interview, being employed by the IEC and is occupied in the planning of highly complicated systems of high and low voltage. Hanadi’s story is actually the story of many Bedouin women with high potential who only need to be given the right opportunity to fulfil it. This is precisely one of our main missions in Yanabia, to identify those women and men with high potential and give them the opportunity they need by overcoming cultural and other obstacles.

This a good opportunity for us to thank you wholeheartedly, our dear friends and partners, for your trust, friendship and partnership. We sincerely believe and hope that you too will enjoy the reading.

Our Hanadi at IEC - English

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