Rahat Accelerator

My Friends,

About two years ago with the encouragement of the Bedouin local government, ICA in partnership with Mata, Eretz Ir, Muna, Sapir College, ICL and the Ministry of Agriculture opened the Negev Accelerator, which is designed to train advanced technological entrepreneurship for the Bedouin population.

The second cycle is now coming to an end. The course itself takes place in Rahat and is attended by about 25 participants, a third of whom are women. Most of the participants are academics from various fields of knowledge.

The ventures presented last year and the flurry of new ventures of the second year have proven to be very interesting owing to groundbreaking innovative initiatives. Particularly beautiful are those ventures that combine advanced technology with Bedouin tradition.

I am happy to note that there were almost no dropouts during these two phases. The results of the second cycle have encouraged us to push for a third round.


P.S. Attached are two inspiring photos of those involved.

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