Robotics: K. Shmona

Ms. Sarit Ohana, Principal of the Meginim School in Kiryat Shmona, wrote to update us on a project supported by ICA at her school. The Meginim School in Kiryat Shmoneh opened this year a robotics group in the framework of FLL – First Israel.  The group is composed of 4th and 5th grade students and is accompanied by the science teacher and a computer science student.

רובוטיקה בקרית שמונה

This is the only such group to open in the whole of northern Israel (i.e. from Haifa and above). In the future, further groups will open at Meginim School.  An additional computer kit will be purchased very soon.
The students are excited and hope to win a competition. The school believes that simply exposing the students to this study area and enabling them to participate in a competition is a success in itself.
This dream has come true thanks to ICA Israel, which believed in the school and made a grant available to establish an entrepreneurship class that would expose the students to the world of robotics.

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