Sapir College – Innovation Center

Shalom Friends,

Sapir College is located in the Sha’ar HaNegev region, thus it is forced to deal with both educational and security issues.

The Innovation Center was established a year ago and its lab serves 12 different departments. There are 20 different programs in various stages of development.

Students are mentored by their teachers on how to build a model for problem-solving and raise ideas. Here are two examples of this:

  • Social Work students together with local psychology centers have developed an application for parents and their children to help them cope with security tensions.
  • Health Digital students have developed an application to aid individuals addicted to pain medication. This initiative is being supported and mentored by the health care organization.

It is clear that ICA’s contribution has opened a new opportunity to link different social departments with technology.

Attached are several photos from the Sapir lab.


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