Science Youth Building in Yeruham

Hi Members,

A year ago ICA granted for the reconstruction of the educational Science Youth building in Yeruham. Last Thursday it was my pleasure to inaugurate the nice building. Two floors containing 8 classes

and 4 labs serve 3 elementary schools, 1 high school and two religious yeshivas for boys and girls. The Yeruham Tech curriculum is one of the best in Israel and every year the school wins prizes.

The Tech Unit of the IDF decided to adopt high school tech pupils, many of whom have been absorbed into Tech IDF Units.

Attached are some photos that depict the festival atmosphere.

One particularly exciting work that captivated my heart was a girl who has developed software to teach sign language to the deaf.

Best regards to us all and to more than 2M pupils at the end of their study year.


P.S. There will be a report about the Israeli educational system in the Bluebook – a spoiler?…we are being faced with many challenges…

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