Sha’ar Hanegev – Greenhouse Tender

Good morning Members,

JNF Australia has decided to invest 20M NIS, as is stated in the first attached file. The second photo shows the Sha’ar HaNegev fields.

The South-Up Accelerator was supported by ICA 4-5 years ago. It is now part of the new Gaza Envelope ecosystem, which was granted 50M NIS by the Government for establishing an AgTech Industrial Park in the hope that one day it will also serve Gaza citizens. Our model to support the initial initiative once again proves that we can be proud for being the first to identify its potential.  

In November a new tender, published by the Innovation Authority, will be opened and Sha’ar Hanegev anticipates getting a greenhouse for Ag-Water businesses. I am on the Sha’ar Hanegev –Sderot development committee and have added ICA to the recommendation list, which says that we support the area in winning the greenhouse tender. Please note that our endorsement is not budgeted.

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