The most efficient technological solution for independent digital media management for small and medium-sized businesses is now in Israel!

400+ readymade free posts

5000+ images from a free database

100+ articles a day from across the Israeli network

15 minutes to set up a paid campaign

30 minutes a day for independent management

Solomoto is the advanced tool that incorporates everything a business needs for digital success, and with the Link 19 Digital Experts, small businesses can make the digital transformation they need!

In a rigorous screening process, the 20 most suitable businesses were selected by a selection committee and pre-defined criteria.

The selected businesses received the notification and signed up for the program at a monthly cost of $ 30 (instead of $ 150)

Participants joined a closed community and began working with Link 19’s digital expert for a 6-month project.

After those six months, business owners will be able to independently manage all their media channels through Solomoto and continue the basic payment on the platform (30$).

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