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Establishment of a Vase Life Evaluation Facility for cut flowers


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The Floriculture branch of intensive agriculture is one of the corner stones of the economic base in the Besor Region of the Western Negev . Despite the uncertain economic situation, growers in the Besor region are constantly seeking new flower crops and better cultural practices for both new and established crops. The program of seeking new flower crops adapted to the Besor region is ongoing.

In every experiment or test of a flower crop – either newly introduced or under inspection for various cultural practices, a central question which must be asked is: “How do the treatments applied affect the vase leaf of the cut flowers?” Flowers grown in Israel are marketed, in the main, in Europe . Competition is fierce in the marketplace, and it is crucial that full and accurate information is provided regarding the quality of the cut flowers produced.

At the Negev R&D station approximately 20 different flowers are currently tested. Some are in the early stages of introduction and acclimation and others are crops in which various cultural tests are being performed.



The main objectives of the proposed research are:

The ability of the Negev R&D station to provide the necessary information regarding vase life for cut flowers has always been seriously limited. The necessary tool has never been at hand. Such a facility will provide a convenient tool to growers allowing them to check their own crops’ performance against an objective standard. It will also provide a showcase to demonstrate the effects of various post harvest treatments to facilitate the growers’ adoption of the best procedures.

The establishment of a Vase life evaluation facility will provide an essential link in the chain of information needed to effectively provide the missing data. It is crucial that these tests be carried out in situ, where the flowers are grown, where the results can be evaluated and demonstrated to the growers in the most efficient manner.

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Myron Sofer

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