Sustainable Development Competition

I am pleased to inform you that Arava pupils from Shitim and Ein Gedi High School won a competition for implementation in the Israel Sustainable Development Goal (ISDG) program.

This program was established to reach and involve Israeli youth in an effort to achieve its aims. During the program the pupils were asked to propose an initiative that might realize one of the 17 goals listed by the UN as suitable for developing countries.

Dozens of Israeli schools submitted a total of 150 bids. In the second phase, 15 schools were selected, among them two of our southern schools in the Central Arava and at Ein Gedi.

The projects, submitted by the schools, were prepared by the learners with researcher aid from the Dead Sea Arava Science Center, the Central Arava R&D, and the School for Agricultural Trainees from Developing Countries. Tasks were carried out with technology and science equipment at the Middle Arava Science Center.

The following three plans were submitted:

 Rice-drying system for rural Cambodians*   

* Water purification using Moringa seeds at a refugee camp in Kenya

* Desert plants and their transformation into agricultural products in Jordan

The final competition will held on 18.03.21 and the three chosen initiators will be sent to the international competition in Rome.

It is our hope that the developing countries will benefit from Arava initiative.​

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