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Extension of Dubium flower crops

הרחבת שטחי גידול לפרחי הדוביוםBackground:

Tal and Eran Sade, originally from the centre of Israel , have been dreaming for years to help settle the Negev, and create an agricultural farm and a home for their family.

During the past decade, they have studied – Tal studied economics and Eran network communication; they have worked abroad; traveled the world, and returned to Israel . They have worked in the city – Eran as a salesman, and Tal in the field of caring for youths at risk. Lately they mustered up the courage, left their jobs, their familiar environment and fulfilled their dream: they moved to Moshav Yevul, in the Shalom region.

Moshavim in the area are very remote from occupational and urban centers. Occupation in this region is based mainly on advanced agriculture: flowers and vegetables for the local market and for export.

In this framework, last September they established an agricultural farm, growing flowers for export, as their only source of income.

Their crops are unique. They grow tissue culture for the bulbs of the Dubium flower, which is very popular in Europe . The uniqueness of the crop is due to fact that the flowers grow out of bulbs, which contributes to a homogenous and impressive appearance. As a result, there is much demand in the area for bulbs, especially since this flower is very suitable for growing in the region, in terms of climate that allows blooming and marketing several months ahead of flowers grown in the center regions of Israel .

They grow the flowers and export them, and at the same time market the bulbs to other farmers in the region. These farmers grow the flowers, also for export.


The farm is based on only 6 dunam (about ¼ acre) which makes it very difficult for them to subsist. Therefore it is necessary to expand the farm since there is a growing market demand for both the flowers and the bulbs.

Tal Sade

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