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המכללה האקדמית בתל חי

Background: Tel Hai College:

Tel Hai College is located in Upper Galilee, near the Lebanese and Syrian borders. Founded by the Upper Galilee Regional Council in 1957, Tel Hai has, over the past half century grown and developed according to the changing needs of the region’s population in the fields of higher education, learning and culture. Today, close to 7,000 full and part-time students are enrolled at Tel-Hai’s various programs. The College, which employs approximately 500 academic faculty and administrative staff members, is the largest employer in the area and is considered to be the educational and cultural center for the entire northern part of Israel.

ICA has escorted the regional college in Tel Hai for quite a long period and has supported some of its development programs.

Lately ICA initiated the process for the establishment of the New Campus at Tel Hai together with the government and other foundations. Moneywise, this is the largest commitment undertaken by ICA in the last years.  This, because of the importance of the role played by the college in the development of Galilee, and the fact that the actual campus does not respond anymore to the demand.


The Academic College

In December 1995 a change in government policy brought about the opportunity for Tel-Hai to become the first Regional College to award independent B.A. and B.Sc. degrees. Given its relatively young history, Tel Hai Academic College has succeeded, within a short period, in recruiting a significantly large number of highly qualified faculty members, some of which are nationally renowned and welcome guests at international academic forums, whether as teachers and/or researchers. More than 1100 students are presently enrolled at the Academic College (half of them from the centre of the country, which testifies to the College’s nationwide attractiveness). Approximately 500 more students are enrolled in the Academic Preparatory School. The Academic College is a fully accredited institution of Higher Education and (partially, as in the case of public universities) funded by Israel’s Council of Higher Education (CHE).

The College grants degrees in the following subjects:

The School of Sciences and Technology:

  • Department of Computer Science – B.A.
  • Department of Biotechnology & Environmental Science – B.Sc.
  • Department of Nutritional Science – B.Sc.

The School of Social Sciences & Humanities:

  • Department of Education – B.A.
  • Department of Economics & Management – B.A.
  • Department of Social Work – B.A.
  • Department of Multi-disciplinary Studies – B.A.

In addition, the College has applied to the CHE for accreditation of three new programs: B.A. in Psychology, B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, several combined bi-departmental programs, and a non-thesis M.Sc. program in Biotechnology. A B.A. program in Arts and Communication is also being contemplated, as well as two additional graduate programs in Social Work and in Education.

The construction of the First Phase of the New Campus will commence in October 2002.


Said works will prepare the grounds for the implementation of Phase A of the final Campus plan. Phase A, to be inaugurated by July 2005, includes two main buildings:

1. The Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Department building and laboratories.

2. A central multi-purpose building.

Mr. Sagi Melamed

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